Is Dubstep Replacing Indie?Read Hipster Run Off’s take on…

via Post-Dubstep on 9/29/11

Is Dubstep Replacing Indie?
Read Hipster Run Off’s take on that topic here.  

Festival Review: Nocturnal Wonderland ’11

via Remix Nation by JUSTIN on 10/10/11

Several weeks ago, the Nation got to attend yet another amazing EDM festival in Southern California, Nocturnal Wonderland! With major names headlining the two-day event including Kaskade, Sebastian Ingrosso, Fedde le Grand, Dirty South, Avicii, and Alesso, the NOS Event Center in San Bernardino was the place to be. Sharing the same venue as this past summer’s Audiotisitic Festival, the stage set-ups and overall atmosphere were far more electric this time around

The main stage, cleverly titled Alice’s House, was spectacular as it hosted some of the biggest names of the weekend. Both the lights and DJ set-ups were unbelievable as LED boards lined the entire tent roof from front to back. The crowd was equally as unique and rowdy as ever when headliner Fedde le Grand hopped on stage for the final set of night one. Starting with his classic hits, Fedde kept the music blaring and the crowd jumping for two hours straight! One of his most memorable tracks came in the middle of his set when he mashed Coldplay’s newly released single, “Paradise”, with his own unique sound. It was an amazing track that had the crowd going wild. His energy on stage was unmatched by any other DJ that night.

Coldplay – Paradise (Fedde Le Grand Remix) (RIP)

Another amazing performance came from Russian phenom, Arty, on the first night of the festival. Opening with an amazing remix of Above and Beyond’s “Sun and Moon,” Arty had us hooked for the rest of his set. His skills and unique musical chemistry were noticeable as each track drop was harder than the next. Arty was jumping on stage and feeling the energy of the crowd throughout his set which provided an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Night two was also jam packed with musical talent but it was Alesso’s set that really stood out among the rest. The Swedish talent was superb with his upbeat and memorable setlist. When he spun his single, “Calling,” you could feel the excitement in the crowd as the song progressed and on the final drop you could see 40,000 people with their hands in the air. It was unreal! The festival was amazing and we want to extend a big shout out to Felipe for the great coverage of the weekend!

EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna ft Calvin Harris – We Found Love (Mikael Wills Bootleg) (…

via Remix Nation by JUSTIN on 10/10/11

For those of you that haven’t been listening to the radio as much as you should, there has been a song recently grabbing everyone’s attention. This track is Rihanna’s new single, which has a very “housey” feeling to it (the result of Calvin Harris producing it). After hearing this, you will soon realize that EDM is completely influencing the music industry right now. For example, Swedish House Mafia will be performing at Madison Square Garden in December… and it will be the first time an EDM act has ever played there! Not to mention more and more radio songs are heavily house influenced. Dance music is taking over and there is nothing we can do about it. If you don’t like it, deal with it. This new track is actually very good, and I love it because I’ve always wondered when artists like Beyonce and Rihanna would hop on the bandwagon. It’s crazy to think that it was first Lady Gaga, Kesha, then Britney Spears, and now Rihanna! The new track is very catchy, and the vocals are flawless. Calvin did an incredible job with this track making it suitable for those with all tastes. I’ve only heard it on the radio a few times, but I can only imagine the song will soon sky rocket to the top of the charts. The hook in this song is addictive and overall the song makes you feel good, making you want to get up and dance. I am actually looking forward to hearing Rihanna’s beautiful voice on more tracks, so hopefully more of it happens.

For weeks, I have been searching for a solid remix of this track and haven’t been able to find one. I originally wrote this post several weeks ago and was going to include a handful of remixes, which were just average at best. Feeling that the original version of this track was soon to be a huge hit, I felt obligated to make a post about it. Our affiliated artist, Mikael Wills, deciding to whip us up a beautiful bootleg to this song. This is, by far, my favorite remix and haven’t stopped listening to it all weekend. He took the already amazing track and turned it in into an electro track that will light up dance floors across the nation. Please support Mikael Wills by liking his facebook page! Enjoy!

Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris – We Found Love (Mikael Wills Bootleg) (

*Purchase the original version of “We Found Love” on iTunes here*

The Adventure Club Dubstep Remixes

via The Kollection by Brian on 9/20/11

Over the past few months, Adventure Club has risen to become one of my favorite dubstep remix groups. This duo from Montreal has a very cool style, with smooth bass, big drops, and a huge focus on keeping the core elements of their original pieces in tact. These guys haven’t even been making music for a year, and their tunes have taken over the scene, with eleven songs racking up well over one million plays on their Soundcloud alone.

Today I’ve compiled a kollection of their work, linking to their original Soundcloud uploads. Above are my favorite tracks out of their eleven total.

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DUBSTEP - Very Demotivational - The Demotivational Posters Blog


Dubstep Demotivational Poster
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"Dubstep Samurai" Stickers by Evan Lole


Dubstep Samurai Sticker
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A unique and well designed dubstep sticker found on Red Bubble. Only $3.00. Check to make sure they are in stock and available if interested.

Dubstep Tee - DashawnSaysRAWR Merch


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I like this shirt because that’s the way I like my Dubstep. Filthy Grimey Nasty etc. Wish the last word was all caps too.

Womens Dubstep T-Shirt Black/Silver


Dubstep Text Logo T-Shirt
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Catch a few stares with these shiny things. It’s another simple text Dubstep Tee but it works. This is from a U.K. site so if your from the states work that out some how. Worth the effort when your looking to out Dub other Dubsteppers.

Obviously a women’s tee but inquire for styles for men.

FiXT Online Store - Dubstep Clothing - WOMP Bracelet


Womp Bracelet
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If your having a hard time finding a variety of dubstep rubber bracelets to choose from I hope this helps. From Yeah I’ve never heard of them either but at least they more than Tees.

UK Dubstep Sticker


UK Dubstep Sticker from
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From the land of Dubstep. UK Dubstep sticker. Available from where you will find original artists creating Dubstep Products.

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